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Volkswagen – or VW as it’s more commonly known – is one of the most beloved vehicle brands in South Africa. A continued iconic presence on the road. There are few local men, women and children who haven’t sat inside a Polo, Golf or Kombi at some point. With our similarly long legacy, Compendium Insurance is the perfect fit for the Rainbow Nation’s many, many VW owners. Contact us now for a quote.

Calculating the sum insured: At Compendium we insure vehicles at current Retail value to ensure that our clients are not placed in a worse off position following a loss. The retail value is obtained from the Auto Dealers Guide prepared by Trans Union Auto Information services for the month in which the loss occurred. Alternatively, if stated in your schedule, an Agreed value may apply.

Important note: The insurer must own or lease the motor vehicle under a financing or hire-purchase agreement, having an insurable interest on the motor vehicle.

Definition of use: You must ensure that you have specified your vehicle under the correct definition of use. There are three definitions of use, being (1) Private use, (2) Business use for motor vehicles only, (3) Business use for light delivery vehicles and motorcycles only.

Type of cover: There are 3 cover options for clients to choose. Third Party Fire & Theft, Comprehensive Cover or the more limiting cover option being Third Party Only.

Cover includes: Any damage or loss of the motor vehicle stated on the schedule will be covered. Insurers will choose to repair, replace, or pay you the amount of the loss or damage for the vehicle,
less the first amount payable.

To speak to one of our brokers, contact us on 031 242 6800, or fill in the Request a Quote form.