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All Risk Insurance


We’re all about making sense of confusing insurance terminology at Compendium. All risk cover applies worldwide and relates to possessions lost or damaged away from your residence.

As an all risk insurance company, our cover is broken into two sections:

Unspecified all risk: Clothing and personal belongings that you and your family wear or carry around on you when you leave the house. Under Unspecified All Risks, there is a per item limit of 25%
of the elected sum insured.
Specified all risk: Items belonging to you, named and valued separately in your schedule.
These items include:
• Laptops, tablets or any handheld electronic device
• Cellphones
• Spectacles and sunglasses
• MP3 players, iPods
• Cameras or any photographic equipment
• Jewellery items including watches
• Equipment worn and/or used during sporting activities
• Baby equipment such as prams or children’s car seats
• Bicycles
• GPS devices
• Firearms
• Vehicle sound equipment, CDs, DVDs
• Other specified items.
Please note that we do also offer standalone bicycle insurance. Learn more about our
policy here.
We also offer a high net worth policy which requires higher sums to be insured but provides much broader cover. Learn more about our Platinum Plan Policy here.
To speak to one of our brokers, contact us on 031 242 6800, or fill in the Request a Quote form.


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