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7 Reasons to make sure you have disability insurance






If there’s ever one thing to be sure of, it’s that life is unpredictable. Whilst we can’t always plan for these events, there are certain kinds of cover that help us mitigate the negative effects of an unforeseen incident. One such assurance product is disability insurance. This cover provides priceless peace of mind and financial compensation if you’re ever left unable to work for both short or long periods of time.

At Compendium, we pride ourselves on guiding our clientele to make sound decisions that lead to better quality of life. With disability insurance on your side, you can get on with living to the best of your abilities, whilst we make sure you’re never out of pocket. Why should you insist on having disability cover? Here are seven reasons why you need it.

You could get hurt at work
The workplace is full of dangers that could leave you unable to earn an income. Whether you work in a risky profession or not, it’s still a cover well worth having. There might be some job descriptions that don’t warrant a cover like this one, like a freelance writer.Your trusted broker will be able to advise you of such things.

You could get injured outside of work
What would happen to you and your loved ones if you were suddenly in a bad car accident or got diagnosed with an illness that took a year or two to get better from? The reality is, your expenses don’t stop because you’ve got a temporary or permanent disability. You still need to provide for your family somehow. This fact is why we insist that our clients have this cover in place.

Disability often equals financial ruin
Without the right kind of cover behind you, disability can spell bankruptcy for many who don’t have a safety net in case of the unforeseen. Consider this type of cover your backup plan should anything happen. That way, you can still recover and continue to meet your monthly expenses.

If you’re a specialist or work in a physical profession, it’s for you
Whether you are in manual labour or carry out specialised activities as a surgeon or even a beautician or masseuse, you need this cover. If your job requires that you are active, on your feet and using your hands, you should make sure you’re not left vulnerable and open to risk. Then, there are the injury-prone professions like those in construction. It’s a versatile cover for everyone who would be left destitute if they couldn’t work.

It’s especially vital if you’re the breadwinner in the household
Every home typically relies on at least one person to make ends meet. In today’s world, many households rely on two people. As a result, covers that cater for periods of disability are a must to ensure that the quality of life as well as basic needs can be met. Ask yourself what your family would do to survive if you couldn’t work to earn what you’re making right now. It’s a scary thought but certainly one worth considering in order to weigh up your options. When your power to earn is one of your greatest financial assets, can you afford not to have a policy like this in place?

You’re taking a huge risk if you don’t have it
Once again, the uncertainty and fragility of life can hit you and your family at any time. It pays to be prepared for this, even if it comes at a minimal cost to you every month. In reality, it’s a small price to pay when you consider how a policy like this one will allow you to keep providing for the ones you love. Sadly, many realise the benefits of a cover like this once they’re faced with a disability and no policy to support them.

Let us customise cover that suits you
At Compendium, our team of passionate experts specialise in tailoring the right products to suit every need and budget. If you’ve yet to get a cover like this one or if you’d like us to revise your current policy, why not get in touch with us today? For more on how we can help you live well without worry, please call us now on 087 285 4040.


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