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How to start 2019 off right







How to start 2019 off right

With 2019 officially underway, it’s the perfect time to reflect on last year’s mistakes and how you plan to avoid them this year. We choose to think of it as a blueprint for success over the next 365 days. Whilst we’re used to advising our clients on the likes of small business insurance, we take pride in sharing tips that help them improve their lives.

From key person insurance to business interruption insurance, there are a few policies we could offer that could make 2019 the year of peace of mind. Our policies aside, here are a few ways that you can start things off right and keep up the momentum.

Take stock of last year

For some, this can be tough but it’s worth doing once you consider the lessons you learned. By looking back on 2018 and what it taught you, you can review your successes and mistakes. Then, you’ll be able to reason with things did or did not happen. Were there actions you wanted to take last year but didn’t? Was there something you wish you had said? Either way, understanding what you might have missed out on will inspire you to go after it in 2019. Whilst it is important to remember that we can take lessons from the past, we should never live in it. Take what you need from 2018 and let the rest go.

Look ahead to what’s coming

What do you want to achieve this year and how are you going to do that? We suggest writing down a few goals for the year that you’re aspiring to. Keep in mind that these might change over time and that’s okay. It’s called evolution and your dreams and goals are allowed to get an update as the year goes on. Try and view these objectives as exciting opportunities rather than huge achievements hanging over your head that you need to reach. This kind of positive thinking will help keep you calm and stress-free.

Be more budget savvy

Keeping track of your expenses whilst running a home or a business can be tough but it’s necessary. On the business side of things, having a great tax practitioner on your side can help you maximise your deductibles, whilst watching the company expenditure. Focussing on recruitment could also help your business make smarter financial decisions this year. Instead of taking on full time staff for busier periods, why not consider hiring interns or temporary staff to get you through these times. By having a knowledgeable broker assist you on your policies, you can perhaps bring down that small business insurance premium.

Make communication a priority

Yes, communication has been an important factor for productivity and success for quite some time but we suggest that you bring it to the top of your list. To work on this in 2019, you should encourage co-workers to share their thoughts with you about work processes and what they thought of last year. You might find that there are some new insights that can be taken from these exchanges. Scheduling weekly staff meetings will also help create a forum for communication to happen. This will make it easier for people to speak their minds because they’ll have a platform to do it.

2019 Could be the best one yet

Whether it’s starting a new business or taking your current one to new heights, you need the right policies to give you peace of mind. With all of the important paperwork taken care of, you’ll be free to be do what you’re best at – running your company. If you’d like to get in touch with a broker about what we can do for you or to learn more about the products we offer, please click here


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