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Threats to goods in transit






If you run a business that requires the transportation of goods, you might already be aware of the possible risks involved. Whilst these can cause damage to stock and even your staff, we offer several policies that mitigate these risks on your behalf. Goods in transit insurance is one type of transport insurance that we offer. This gives every business a chance to safeguard their assets whilst delivering priceless peace of mind.

If you’re looking to protect your business’ goods in transit, it’s wise to understand the factors that could impact your stock. Here are the threats to consider and why you need goods in transit insurance.

Dangerous roads
Many of us will agree that some of the roads we travel aren’t always up to scratch. From dreadful potholes to sink holes and even worn tar, these can spell trouble for trucks transporting your stock on a regular basis. Whilst there is little you can do about the state of the roads, you can ensure that your vehicles are well maintained. These should be serviced regularly along with regular tyre replacements when the need arises. You can also make sure that your vehicles, stock and drivers are properly covered with the right insurance policies. A meeting with one of our knowledgeable brokers will help you cover all of your bases so that nothing is left to chance.

If you’re in the import and exports game, you will know that products transported in containers can be prone to humidity. This often results in costly damage that can really impact your bottom line. As a result, many businesses are attempting to use desiccants that absorb any moisture in the hopes of reducing water damage. A lot of the time, moisture leads to mould that could get your shipment of goods rejected when they arrive at their destination. When this happens, it’s detrimental to your profits and the reputation of your business. Regular industrial cleaning of containers should help reduce mould, as does using mobile dehumidifiers. Whilst this might add to the cost of shipping, it will reduce the money lost when goods are damaged or rejected.

Damage from movement
Even when an accident doesn’t occur, the movement during the transportation process can lead to your goods shifting. When this happens, boxes and their contents can become damaged. If you had to add up the amounts that stemmed from breakages and damages over time, you would soon see it’s no small cost. Whether you choose to transport your goods via truck, train, plane or ship, you should always make use of packaging solutions that minimise damage. You never know what vibrations, pressure or impact will do to your stock.

Theft in transit
Unfortunately, crime is another threat that results in expensive losses for a business. Whether it’s hijacking or theft from staff during transit, this is often unavoidable. When you consider how many sets of hands handle your goods between packing, transporting, unpacking and clearing them, it’s no surprise this is a common risk. With this threat being a real one, many businesses need proper cover so that they’re not left out of pocket. The truth is, your goods are your business. When you can’t deliver them, you’re losing valuable income. This is used to pay your staff and run the company. Without this income, jobs would be lost and families would be left unsupported. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to have the correct measures in place to limit this unnecessary exposure.

Make running your business a little easier with help from the experts
As a business owner, we understand the pressures and stresses that you need to overcome on a daily basis. It’s why we’ve taken the time to assemble a portfolio of trusted insurance and assurance products that make the biggest difference to your business. With the added benefits of comprehensive covers and priceless peace of mind, there’s nothing standing between your company and total success. If you’re wanting to learn more about what we offer, please click here. To get in touch with one of our passionate brokers, why not call us today on 087 285 4040? You’re only one meeting away from mitigating your business risks.


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