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How To Cut The Costs Of Fuel Whilst Driving | CIG Car Insurance BrokersCar Insurance for all Motor Vehicle Brands | CIG Insurance Brokers

How to cut those petrol costs

There are various expenses when it comes to owning a motor vehicle. These are irrespective of whether you drive an Audi, Honda, BMW or Mercedes Benz. Some of these costs include car insurance, maintenance and even petrol, to name a few. With several fuel hikes adding to pressures on the consumer pocket, we all need to save wherever we can.

One of the ways we can do this is by ensuring that we get the best possible premium for our car insurance. In chatting with a knowledgeable broker about your current motor insurance policy, you can make sure that you’ve got the right cover for the right price.

Another way to lessen your overheads is by adopting more fuel-efficient driving methods. Here are a few ways that you can do just that. 

Plan ahead

By knowing what you need to do each day, you can get all of your trips out of the way without too much driving back and forth. This will eliminate unnecessary fuel use as well as lessen the wear and tear on your car.  

Slow and smooth wins the race 

It’s a known fact that driving faster means using more fuel to maintain your speed. By driving at a slower speed, you can consume less petrol. Just be sure to stay in the left lane. Try prevent sudden accelerations and breaking, as these spike fuel consumption. A smoother drive means you’ll take longer to hit empty. Part of preventing sudden reactions is knowing how to read the traffic. If a robot is amber, rather come to a slow stop instead of flooring it to make it through. By anticipating what lies ahead, you can prevent these actions that use more fuel.  

When in doubt switch off 

Idling for long periods of time is unnecessary and can eat into your petrol reserves. If you’re idling for more than a minute, it is best to shut the engine off completely. Don’t worry, the fuel used to restart is far less than that of keeping the car running. 

Cruise control can help

When you’re travelling at a consistent speed on roads such as the highway, it pays to use your car’s cruise control. Because it allows you to keep your speed consistent, the lack of fluctuations means better efficiency as a whole. 

Only use your air conditioning when you really need to

Winter is in full swing so you probably don’t really need to switch on the air conditioning in your vehicle. In case you didn’t already know, running this system can really impact your fuel use. Rather put down a window.  

Don’t skip regular services

By properly maintaining your car, you can help make it more fuel efficient. When your vehicle goes in for a service, the air and oil filters are inspected and replaced where necessary. This helps your car run at its best, using less petrol in the process.  

Take another mode of transport

From riding a bicycle to car-pooling and even using transport apps like Uber, you can save on your fuel costs each month. Over time, these monthly savings can add up to a massive chunk of money that you could put to better use. Whether it’s a new set of tyres, a weekend getaway or even paying off your current car, every bit helps. 

Call the experts 

Whilst we can’t stop the petrol increases, we can help you get the best cover at a premium you can afford. For more on motor cover that makes a real difference, why not contact one of our experts? With an array of products at our fingertips, we can guide you towards choosing the one that’s best for you. Call us on 079 5244 579.


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