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Jet Ski Maintenance Tips






If you own a jet ski, you’ll know that this is no small financial investment. With such a significant outlay, the right cover is a must. Jet ski insurance aside, there are several precautions that can help your jet ski run better and last longer. As the experts who are always looking out for our clientele, it’s our goal to give you priceless peace of mind.

Want to keep your jet ski in top condition? Here are our suggestions.

Don’t lose the manual

For those who are owning a jet ski for the first time, the instruction manual should never be stored where you can’t access it. For starters, this document carries important information on your warranty, how it works and even basic troubleshooting should the need arise. We suggest abiding by everything in the manual and not attempting to figure things out yourself. This could cause some costly damages that are easily avoided by just sticking to instructions.

Insist on engine flushing post-ride

No matter if you’re a salt or freshwater enthusiast, you should flush your engine after every use. Not only will this dislodge anything sinister but you will also be able to prevent sand, salt, plant matter and even algae from causing damage. This simple step really does make all the difference and if you make it a habit, you’ll never forget.

Have the right cover in place

Whilst jet skis are fun, there’s a more serious matter to consider. With theft or damage as a real threat, it pays to have a jet ski insurance policy that you can count on. With a knowledgeable broker on your side, you can get the best cover to suit your needs and budget.

Rinse after any rides in saltwater

Although today’s jet skis are built to withstand many things, saltwater spells trouble for fiberglass. As a result, we recommend that you rinse your jet ski before washing it with soapy water. This will help remove any traces of salt that might remain. Be sure to rinse the soap off properly with a low-pressure hose pipe.

Do your checks regularly

You should inspect your jet ski the same way that you’d look at your car to see if any wear and tear has taken place. If you pick up any cracks, take your jet ski in to be looked at by a professional. They might seem small for now but if left unattended, these can graduate to more serious issues later on. A lot of jet ski damage is preventable if caught and repaired early enough. When the time arises, book that service and be sure to do this at the correct intervals to keep your jet ski running smoothly. This is also a time when other internal faults can be diagnosed and repaired before it is too late.

Don’t forget the trailer

The trailer you rely on to pull your jet ski can also be the cause of costly issues. It’s why you should always inspect it before every trip to ensure it is in working order. Things like the wheels, tyre treads, axels and bearings are important for a trailer to work as it should. If things aren’t looking too great, you might want to get the trailer repaired before you risk driving anywhere with your jet ski.

We know you love your jet ski

Your jet ski is important to you. At Compendium, we want to make sure that it’s always protected from the unforeseen that can occur at any time. Whether you need cover for a new purchase or an updated policy for your existing jet ski, we can help with all of that and then some. If you require an insurance or assurance product to cover any other aspect of your life (personal or business) we have a range of products that can be tailored to suit you. To find out more about what we offer and how our team of knowledgeable brokers can help you make the choice that’s right for you, please get in touch with us today. Feel free to call us on 079 5244 579. Don’t wait until you find yourself in a terrible position without cover. Talk to the experts and enjoy total peace of mind wherever you are.