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Make 2019 your healthiest year yet






Make 2019 your healthiest year yet

It’s often said that health is the greatest wealth of all. At Compendium Insurance Brokers, we happen to agree. It’s why we offer affordable private medical aid and advice on how to keep yourself feeling your best. If you’ve made a commitment to improving your health this year, it’s not too late to make this a reality. A late start is better than no start at all. Why not live a better life starting from today?

Wellness involves more than just diet and exercise so there are several components to focus on. If you rely on us for effective private medical aid you’ll know that the health of our customer is one of our top priorities. It’s why we’ve put together a few ways to make your well-being number one on your list.

Start with what you put in

Having medical aid isn’t enough to keep our health needs taken care of, we should all be focussed on keeping ourselves well. Diet is a dreaded d-word that seems to put fear and resentment into many. Although you might be tempted to set strict rules for yourself, those restrictive eating plans seldom work well in the long term. Instead, you should be focussed on healthier eating habits that are maintainable and easy follow. Start with small, manageable changes like cutting down on sugar and alcohol, eating low-GI carbohydrates and managing the correct portion sizes.

Hydration is key

It’s vital to focus on your daily water intake. Did you know that many of us are dehydrated? What we often interpret as hunger is actually our body telling us that we haven’t had enough water. By drinking at least two litres of water a day, you’ll be able to facilitate your bodily functions. When you consider that up to 60% of the human body is made of water, it’s no wonder we should all be drinking up.

Take your health seriously

Sadly, this is one that many neglect until they’re diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Yes, our range of medical aid options offer peace of mind and cover for a host of illnesses but the greatest thing you can do for yourself is focus on your health. This means going for regular check-ups and visiting a specialist when you notice something out of the ordinary that doesn’t feel right. Know your body well enough so that you’ll be able to flag irregularities early on. For some, this has been the difference between life and death.

Move with purpose

We all know that physical activity is a must for good health but many seem to think it involves cardio-based activities like running. The truth is, there are several ways that we can add exercise to our daily lives. Sometimes all it takes is making more active choices. These include walking to the shops, parking your car further away from the entrance of where you’re going and taking the stairs instead of the lift. Some people even use a standing desk to ensure that they’re moving on a regular basis. Exercise isn’t only important from a weight management perspective. It’s also good to help reduce stress, boost endorphins and improve mental clarity.

Put an end to unhealthy habits

For most of us, we tend to eat and do certain things out of pure habit. Whilst this is normal, some of our daily vices can prove detrimental for our health. If you’re a smoker, now might be a good time to stop. The same goes for those who consume alcohol daily or those who enjoy high amounts of sugar in their diets. By being more mindful of what we’re doing to our bodies, we can add years onto our lives.

Make sure you’ve got the best on your side

Part of your health is the cover that helps support it. At Compendium Insurance Brokers we’ve got a range of options in the medical aid sector. These offer priceless peace of mind to our clientele and assistance when they need it most. For more on what we can offer you, please contact us today on 087 285 4040 or email


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