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Five ways to save on electricity at home

The cost of running a home can be frightening at times. Although many of these costs are fixed like home insurance, WiFi and monthly subscription fees, there are others that fluctuate. These include water and electricity, two resources that we should all work to use less of. 

Although we’re experts in the home insurance game, we like to share a few tips and tricks to help the public live well. This includes ways to cut down on household expenditure. During winter, it’s a given that most of us want to take long hot showers and turn on the heaters. This can drive up electricity consumption and result in sky-high utility bills. 

These tips could help you save a few rands by decreasing your electricity use. 

Start with your geyser

Of all the appliances you have in your home, the one that uses the most power is your geyser. It’s estimated that a geyser takes up anywhere between 25-40% of your electricity bill. By setting the thermostat to 55 degrees Celsius and no higher, you can slowly but surely bring your costs down. 

Look for the label

If you’re looking to upgrade any of your household appliances, make sure that they’re energy efficient. These days, every brand is doing their utmost to produce appliances that utilise less power. Although these might cost a bit extra from the outset, they’re bound to save you more in the long term. 

Inspect that fridge

Your fridge is another appliance that can really draw electricity. First, check the temperature that it has been set at. By setting your fridge at 3 degrees Celsius and no lower, you can stop it from using too much electricity. Next, check the seals of the doors to ensure that it isn’t working overtime to cool down what’s being lost from shoddy seals. Don’t put too much in your fridge or freezer. By overfilling, your appliance will need to rely on more power to keep everything cool.  

Switch off

We’re all guilty of forgetting to turn off TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets. By remembering to power off, you could use 15% less electricity. You’ll also need to charge them far less frequently which, in many cases, will lengthen the lifespan of the battery. 

Resist the urge to use heaters and air conditioning units

Yes, we all like our home comforts but they aren’t always necessary. Most of the time we turn on our air conditioning units out of pure habit and not because we genuinely feel like we need to use them. By limiting our use of these units, we can really cut down on the electricity we use. This means lower bills, higher savings and less pressure to meet those household expenses.  

They all add up

As much as it might seem as if these changes are small, implementing all of them can really amount to some pretty notable savings. This money could be spent on home improvements or even something you’ve had your eye on for ages, like a new TV. Don’t underestimate what these steps can add up to, especially on your household expenses sheet. Monetary value aside, we all ought to embrace greener ways of living to preserve our world for future generations. Every effort can make an impact after all.  

Our advice makes a difference

At Compendium, our team of insurance specialists work hard to ensure that our clients get the most out of their policies. If you’re looking to add to your portfolio and increase your peace of mind, why not call us today on 079 5244 579. We’d love to share our expertise with you.


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