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Looking for the Best Medical Aid Companies - CIG is Here To Take a Load Off





Medical Aid CompaniesCIG works with a large number of Medical Aid companies

Why we’re taking the stress away from finding the best medical aid 

When it comes to medical aid schemes, not all were created equal. Since 1999, we’ve been changing the way that South Africans engage with their insurance providers and their policies. During this time, we’ve seen exactly which medical aid offerings trump others. This gives us a qualified and comprehensive overview of the matter. 

These insights allow us to help our clients make the choices that are right for them. In knowing their needs and what’s on offer, we can find a happy medium between the two. How are we removing the stress from choosing between medical aid schemes? We explain more below. 

We understand the lingo 

For our clients, the jargon found in policy terms and conditions can often cause a fair amount of confusion. This means there’s a good chance that a misunderstanding can occur. In such an event, claims are made more difficult and some are even unsuccessful. By having an experienced broker at your service, you can clarify any areas that might seem a bit grey. This will reduce any confusion and increase your chances of a successful claim should the need arise. Don’t try and decipher the lingo, rather allow us to help you. 

We take time to get to know you and your needs 

Because you’re an individual, your level of cover should be unique to you. At Compendium, our team of brokers take great joy in getting to know every one of their clients. That way, they can better identify and assess your specific needs. In doing so, they have a greater understanding of what you require and which insurance products will be of best benefit to you. These days, some insurance providers are quick to sell the incorrect products to consumers just for the sake of making a sale. This is something that we’ll never be on board with. If a certain product doesn’t meet your needs, it simply should never be suggested to you. 

We’ve done the research for you 

One of the most tedious aspects of choosing a medical aid provider is taking a look at all of the options available. And until you start looking, you never really know just how many companies are out there. Although it is worth noting that there are several providers that you might want to be wary of. It’s why you need a dedicated broker on your side to present only reputable names in the medical cover game. 

We’ll compare apples with apples 

Once you’re aware of legitimate providers, you’ll then need to do a comparative analysis of the different scheme options presented by each medical aid. If you don’t have a broker, this could really take some time. When you also take into account the jargon, exclusions and even waiting periods, it could make your decision a tough one. Why not let us take you through the options applicable to you? Our brokers will talk them over with you and get your input before helping you determine which one offers the best cover for your needs. During this time, you’ll also be able to ask any questions that you might have. This will put your mind at ease and clear up anything you might be unsure of. 

We’re always one call away 

At Compendium, our clients appreciate the way in which their brokers are always there when they need them to be. This means answering queries, assisting with claims and even amending policies. Insurance is never something to enter into alone. It’s why we offer our proven expertise and a host of effective products that make a real difference to the way you live. For more on our medical, business or home cover options, please visit our website today. 


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