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Bonitas Medical Aid Insurance


Bonitas aims to make quality healthcare accessible to South Africans. We offer a wide range of products that are simple to understand, easy to use and give our members more value for money.

Our products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of people from all walks of life – whether it’s a distinguished corporate executive, an up-and-coming entrepreneur or minimum wage earner. Our members know that when things get tough, Bonitas is there to support them and take care of the little details so that they can receive the best of care and focus on getting better.

With 293 000 principal members and 650 000 beneficiaries, we have the size, financial stability and strong key indicators to benefit from the market consolidation taking place. We go to great lengths to understand the market so that we can refine our products to suit the needs of our members. We are therefore well-placed to strengthen our position within the industry and as one of the leading medical aids in South Africa.

  • Affordable, quality healthcare with 93% payout on valid claims
  • Largest GP network and a specialist network to give more value for money
  • Preventative care and wellness benefits paid from risk so benefits last longer
  • Separate benefits for dentistry and optometry on several options
  • Managed Care programmes to help members manage chronic conditions
  • Simple-to-use medical aid plans to meet the needs of all South Africans
  • Benefits for cancer, mental health, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and more
  • Cover for up to 62 chronic conditions and free medicine delivery
  • Partnerships with quality service providers and healthcare professionals
  • Additional medical benefits for maternity and children, including access to 24/7 paediatric telephonic advice, including weekends and public holidays

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