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Comparative Guide 2017
Pulse1 Member FAQ
Pulse2 Member FAQ
Pulse1 & Pulse2 Service Providers FAQ
Individual Application Form


2017 Bonitas Brochure
Bonitas Connect
Bonitas introduces first dedicated toddlers health advice line
Bonitas Member Record Amendment
Contribution table
Emergency cover
Find a Service Provider Contact List
Hospital Pre-authorisation
How to find a Network
International Travel Benefit
Must know info 2017
The back and neck programme
The Cancer programme
The Diabetes Programme
The hip and knee Programme
The HIV AIDS Programme
Application for Membership


Compassionate Care Benefit
Cover for Diagnostic Endoscopies
Cover for Pregnancy and Childbirth
Diabetes Care Programme
Discovery Vitality Sales Brochure 2017
International Travel Benefit
Member Guide 2017
Oncology Programme
Optical Benefit
Change Bank Details Form
Application - Individual 2017
Add Dependant Application Form


2017 Medshield Member Guide
Change of Banking Details
How to Register on Programmes
How to Submit a Claim
International Travel Cover
MediBonus Benefit Guide 2017
MediCore Benefit Guide 2017
MediPhila Benefit Guide 2017
MediPlus Benefit Guide 2017
MediSaver Benefit Guide 2017
MediValue Benefit Guide 2017
PremiumPlus Benefit Guide 2017
Statement of Common Law Partnership
Member Application Form


2017 Momentum Health Brochure
Focus on obtaining authorisation for the Major Medical Benefit 2017
Health Platform
Health Returns 2017
HealthSaver 2017
Multiply at a Glance 2017
Multiply Points Tracker 2017
Multiply Sales Guide brochure 2017
Rewards Get to Gold in a week
Individual Application Form


About Profmed 2017
Profmed Schedule Of Benefits 2017
Adding a Dependant Form
Bank Details Update Form
International Travel Medical Aid
Multiply Brochure
Newborn Reg Form
Profmed baby
Profmed Application Form

Resolution Health

Comparison Brochure 2017
Reinstatement Affidavit 2017
Resolution Pathology Request Form
Change Bank Details 2017
De-Registration of Dependants Application Form 2017
Foundation Members Income Verification Form 2017
Registration of Additional Dependants Application 2017
Application 2017 Resolution Health

Moto Health Care

2017 Summary of Benefits
2017 Continuation Form
2017 Membership Record Amendment Form
2017 Application for Additional Dependant Form
2017 Application Form


2017 Rates & Benefits
2017 Application Form