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Profmed Medical Aid Insurance


About Profmed medical aid scheme
Profmed is a restricted medical aid scheme that is open to professionals who have obtained a minimum of a four-year degree or equivalent from a technical university offering these individuals exclusive yet affordable medical cover. Profmed's medical and healthcare benefits, coupled with excellent service and attention to detail, are offered at affordable rates. Low rates are also available to eligible students. Profmed's vision is to address the healthcare needs of professionals through appropriate and comprehensive benefit design.

Who qualifies for medical cover with Profmed?
In order for Profmed to maintain its restricted medical aid scheme status, it is necessary that Profmed's eligibility criteria are upheld.

All prospective Profmed members must meet at least one of the eligibility criteria below:
  • A degree and/or qualification of four years or more
  • Two three-year degrees
  • A three-year degree with a post-graduate qualification of not less than one year.

Qualifications from a university or technical university apply.

Application to Profmed is subject to the Scheme's eligibility process.

As the largest restricted medical aid scheme for professionals in South Africa, Profmed offers:
  • Quality and affordable medical cover
  • Medical cover tailored to suit the lifestyle of professionals
  • Financially stable solvency levels in excess of statutory requirements

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