Marine Liability

Offering specialist legal expertise, our experienced Marine Liability Team will arrange cover to meet your legal liabilities arising from the negligence of your staff or subcontractors under marine related contracts with your customers or carriers, or simply under the common law. A typical policy covers liability for loss and damage to cargo, damage to vessel,

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime sounds to many as if it is something that comes from a sci-fi movie, however, we have unfortunately seen a considerable rise is cyber-attacks within South Africa, affecting our clients in their personal capacity. Simply put, if you are making use of a computer, laptop, smart phone you are exposed. Far broader than

Sports Equipment

The sports equipment section provides a flexible cover for the various sports equipment that you own and take out of the home.  Furthermore, this section provides cover against damage whilst in use in South Africa.  On a standard insurance policy, your various bicycles, golf equipment, surfboards, fishing rods, diving equipment or surf skis would need

Motor Cars

Whether a hatch-back, sedan, SUV, 4×4, we can offer you the perfect cover in the event of damage or theft. Our motor insurance is tailored to you. There are 3 types of cover you can choose from: Comprehensive cover, covering you for accidents, theft as well as third party liability. Fire and Theft cover, excluding

Cyber Crime Liability

The effect of a cyber-attack could be devastating to almost any business: network downtime, loss of important data and loss of credibility when customer information is compromised. From a lost device to a more deliberate cyber-attack, the risks arising out of the myriad and ever-increasing use of IT, are perhaps some of the most challenging

Directors and Officers Liability

The ever-increasing demand for compliance with strict corporate governance codes drives the need for a high degree of awareness at board level, when it comes to D&O cover. As a director or officer of a company, you assume an elevated burden of responsibility in the performance of your fiduciary duties. Failure to act in accordance


Being held legally responsible for third party claims can financially cripple a company, destroying everything you have built up. We understand that even when your business is faultlessly following best business practice, things can go wrong and it is essential to protect the company against the legal consequences of human error.  This could result from

Marine Cargo Insurance

We offer a risk assessment service to better understand what your risk requirements would be therefore enabling us to negotiate the best possible cover with both the South African and Lloyds marine markets. Compendium offers a broad spectrum of covers including but not limited to – Cargo Import/Export Policies Physical loss or damage to all

Contractors Public Liability

What is Covered? The Insured (Contractor) is indemnified against:- (a) All Sums which they become legally liable to pay in respect of: Death of / or bodily injury to or Illness of any person/s Loss of / or damage to property As a result of an accident arising out of / or in connection with

Contract Works

What is covered? Any unforeseen physical loss or damage to the Permanent and Temporary Works from any cause other than those excluded in the “Exceptions to Section 1” in the policy wording. The Indemnity shall be up to the Total Sum Insured as Specified on the schedule, including additional costs that are provided in terms

Off-Shore Investments

Whether through your annual discretionary allowance (up to R1 million per year) or your foreign investment allowance (up to R10 million per year) we are able to structure offshore investment portfolios to suit your specific investment budget and risk requirements. We have partnered with the biggest players in the industry to be able to provide

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