Contractors Public Liability

Contractors Public Liability

What is Covered?

The Insured (Contractor) is indemnified against:-

(a) All Sums which they become legally liable to pay in respect of:

  1. Death of / or bodily injury to or Illness of any person/s
  2. Loss of / or damage to property

As a result of an accident arising out of / or in connection with the performance of the contract and OCCURING within the Territorial Limits DURING the Period of Insurance.

(b) All costs and expenses of Litigation:

  1. Recovered by any claimant against the Insured.
  2. Incurred with the written consent of the Insurer,

Provided that the Liability of the Insurer shall not exceed the Limit of Indemnity stated in the Schedule.

Extensions Available (Applicable only if stated in the Schedule)

  • Vibration / Lateral Support Cover
  • Blasting
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Legal Defense Costs
  • Arrest / Assault / Defamation
  • Cross Liabilities

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