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CIG Zapper Integration

Compendium is now officially a Zapper registered merchant

What is Zapper?

It is a free App that you download on your phone or tablet which allows you to pay your bills in a matter of seconds!

How does Zapper work?

Each Zapper merchant is issued with a QR Code that looks like this.

Once you download Zapper onto your phone or tablet you will be asked to add cheque or credit card details, you only do this once and can add multiple accounts. Zapper uses a safe and secure encryption and is password protected.

Next you scan our QR code which is available below, this will take you to the payment option.


It's as simple as that, the premium will be paid.

Compendium has decided to utilise Zapper in the following ways;

  1. One off & annual premiums
  2. Monthly reinstatement premiums
  3. New business premiums
How to download Zapper:
  1. Search for 'Zapper' in your mobile app store
  2. Look for this sign:
  3. Click on 'Install' or 'Get' depending on your phone. It's free!
  4. Open Zapper. Select register. Create your profile and Securely add your card details
How to use Zapper:
  1. Select scan
  2. Select the card you wish to pay from
  3. Change the amount you wish to pay
  4. Tap and Pay
  5. You will receive a notification and an email to say that it has been successful!