Core values

What We Stand For

These are the core values that we, as a company, believe are of critical importance to Compendium and the Compendium Family.


Easy to say, harder to do! We will care for our clients, staff, suppliers, colleagues, community and environment. This must be evident in everything we do.


We will be honest and transparent. Our integrity will be obvious in all our dealings with clients, staff, colleagues, suppliers, regulatory authorities and the general public.


We are proud of our accomplishments. Our pride will shine through in the excellent quality of the service we deliver in every aspect of our business.


We will be innovative in our approach, ensuring our business is constantly evolving to meet changing environments and new challenges. We will be a market leader in all the markets we serve.


We will be professional in all we do. Staff will be properly trained and will commit to developing the necessary Knowledge and experience of every face of the business they are involved in. Professionalism will be evident in the way we service our clients and in the manner in which we interact with members of the Compendium Family.


Compendium is enthusiastic about doing business and eager to explore new opportunities in an everchanging market. Compendium endeavours to give all employees a clear direction and ignite their desire to improve and succeed in their chosen fields.


Compendium is committed to growing its profits and its market share, but not at the expense of any of its cherished values. Compendium will grow at a responsible pace in its selected market segments and will always aim to be the BEST, not necessarily the biggest.


Compendium is committed to fostering a culture of mutual respect. We will have respect for ourselves, one another our suppliers and clients, as well as respect for our different cultures and religions.


Compendium will endeavour to provide a happy, ‘fun’ working environment, and ensure that staff and clients feel they are part of the Compendium Family. It is up to everyone at Compendium to ensure all feel welcome and appreciated at work. Let’s be open to change and work as committed team to ensure we fulfil our objectives.


Compendium is committed to living by the values outline d above and you, as part of the Compendium Family, are urged to adopt these values in all you do. Let’s work together to make these values part of our ethos as we grow a company that we can all be proud of.

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