Core values

What We Stand For

These are the core values that we, as a company, believe are of critical importance to Compendium and the Compendium Team.


We will care for our staff, clients, suppliers, colleagues, community, and environment. We will be proactive in fostering a culture of care that will be rooted in everything we do.


We will be honest, transparent and professional. Our integrity ensures that our actions align with our values and this will be evident in all our dealings with clients, staff, colleagues, suppliers, regulatory authorities and the general public.


We will be innovative in our approach and embrace the diversity of our business and that of our staff. Our innovation will ensure our business is constantly evolving to adapt to changing environments and challenges and result in Compendium growing its profits and market share.


Compendium is committed to delivering exceptional service, achieving business and staff growth, and embracing our responsibility towards our people, community and the environment.

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