Life Insurance

Life insurance can easily feel like a grudge purchase, forced on you when buying property, for example. But with loved ones who depend on you, getting this type of lump sum cover also demonstrates the deep concern you have for their well-being.

Retirement Annuities

Retirement should be an opportunity to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Living comfortably, enjoying the good life with time to devote to all your favourite activities and experiences. Retirement annuities make this future possible.

Medical Aid & Gap Cover

In South Africa, medical aid is vital. Any company that has its own medical aid is a drawcard for employees. Whether you head up a growing enterprise or work for a large corporate, we can assist you in selecting a medical scheme that suits both you and your staff.

Employee Benefits

To build a great business, you need great people from the foundation up. And to attract these valuable, skilled individuals to your company, and retain them, you have to make your offer enticing. A good salary helps, but just as important – if not more so – is the promise of extra security, like employee benefits insurance. That’s why Compendium has extended our policy offering beyond the personal.

Buy & Sell Agreements

Don’t let a hard-fought-for dream become a nightmare. Buy and sell insurance has been developed to protect businesses – particularly small to medium ones – in the event that one partner or shareholder dies or becomes disabled. It’s great to celebrate good days at your company, but just as important to plan for possible bad ones.

Key Person Insurance

Every entrepreneur and business owner knows the value of employing hard-working, motivated and reliable employees. You surround yourself with the best people! However, their loss can seriously hurt your company, so shield against financial disaster by covering your pivotal staff and money-spinners (director, project manager, sales head etc.) with key person insurance.

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