life insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance can easily feel like a grudge purchase, forced on you when buying property, for example. But with loved ones who depend on you, getting this type of lump sum cover also demonstrates the deep concern you have for their well-being.

Retirement Annuities

Retirement should be an opportunity to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Living comfortably, enjoying the good life with time to devote to all your favourite activities and experiences. Retirement annuities make this future possible.
medical aid

Medical Aid

Enjoy quality private medical aid or a hospital plan. Everyone has different healthcare needs so it’s a wise move to understand which type of cover would benefit you. A Compendium medical aid broker will help you find the best medical aid cover to suit your lifestyle and budget.
gap cover

Gap Cover

It’s important to consider Gap cover that’s designed to provide extra cover for those who already have medical aid. Gap cover assists with the shortfall between your medical scheme’s tariff and the actual rates charged by private healthcare professionals in hospital as well as certain out of hospital benefits. Speak to one of our friendly medical aid brokers to help you match the best cover for you.


Our team of specialist advisors have the knowledge and experience to guide and assist you with all investment related matters. From protecting your short term investments against inflation to bespoke multi-asset portfolios, tax friendly investments and everything in between.
off-shore investments

Off-Shore Investments

Whether through your annual discretionary allowance (up to R1 million per year) or your foreign investment allowance (up to R10 million per year) we are able to structure offshore investment portfolios to suit your specific investment budget and risk requirements.

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