Commercial Insurance


Accidental Damage

Running a business is a lesson in multi-skilling and multi-tasking. In the course of a typical, very busy day it’s easy enough for things to slip your mind – you certainly don’t want your insurance to fall short.

Fidelity Insurance

Business owners put in a lot of hard work to grow a successful business and reputation. Though it’s an overwhelming experience, it involves a lot of risks. Any successful business is built on trust and personal relationships.

Accounts Receivable

Paperwork may be a headache but it’s a necessity for the checks and balances that ensure cash flow is sustained. Accounts receivable insurance is a special product that covers you.

Fire & Allied Peril

When the unexpected strikes, it can be devastating for your business. Guard against damage caused by fire, lightning and explosion with this policy – which provides cover for plant, machinery, fixtures and fittings and all other contents and tenant improvements.

Body Corporate

Body Corporate/sectional title insurance applies to all community schemes, including sectional title schemes, share block companies, homeowners and property owners associations, retirement villages and housing cooperatives.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Offering specialist Cargo cover, our experienced Marine Cargo Team will arrange cover to meet your risk requirements arising from the Purchase/Sale or Storage of Goods. A typical policy covers loss and damage to cargo, which would normally be on a “Warehouse to Warehouse” basis dependent on the INCO Terms applicable.

Marine Liability

Offering specialist legal expertise, our experienced Marine Liability Team will arrange cover to meet your legal liabilities arising from the negligence of your staff or subcontractors under marine related contracts with your customers or carriers, or simply under the common law. A typical policy covers liability for loss and damage to cargo, damage to vessel, damage to third party property and persons, as well as statutory liability, such as pollution or customs fines. Insurance may more broadly cover liability attaching to you as an agent for negligent performance, or more narrowly cover specific risks, such as container liability.

Group Personal Accident

Group personal accident insurance is another way to protect your greatest asset: your employees, in the event of an accident. Accidents happen and often employees will look to their employer to cover the costs of an incident at work.


If you own a building used predominantly for office or residential purposes, it should be insured separately under our Building Combined Insurance policy. This will ensure that your place of work is as comprehensibly covered as possible in the event of the unexpected.

Kidnap And Ransom

In today’s global economy, threats to personal and corporate security are frequent. Incidents like kidnapping are difficult to predict and when they occur they require a swift, organised and expert response. We partner with a number of leading Insurers to provide a policy to protect your main Assets, your employees.

Business All Risk

No matter what profession, business today is no longer restricted to one location. Working away from your office, meeting clients and visiting onsite locations will require more specific insurance for your valuable items. That’s why Compendium offers a special all risk insurance policy.
If the open water is an integral part of your business operations, Compendium has a marine insurance solution for you. From sightseeing charters and deep sea fishing to multi-million rand container shipping, our commercial cover is far reaching and highly customisable.

Business Interruption

Commercial Business Interruption insurance provides cover for financial losses incurred following damage due to an insured peril, which forces your business to cease trading for an extended period of time.

Money Loss

Cash flow is the life blood of every business, which means the loss of money to theft, dishonesty or physical destruction can seriously threaten operations. Compendium’s insurance against money loss is a flexible policy which you can adapt according to a multitude of factors.

Crime Liability

The effect of a cyber-attack could be devastating to almost any business: network downtime, loss of important data and loss of credibility when customer information is compromised.
Hitting the road for business purposes? Compendium offers highly customisable motor and motor fleet insurance for company vehicles and designated drivers in regular transit throughout Southern Africa.

Cyber Liability

Being held legally responsible for third party claims can financially cripple a company, destroying everything you have built up. We understand that even when your business is faultlessly following best business practice, things can go wrong and it is essential to protect the company against the legal consequences of human error. This could result from incidents that occur at your premises to product liabilities that occur outside of them.

Motor Traders

Given the high value product that drives through its doors daily, the motor vehicle industry needs an insurance solution designed for its unique needs. Compendium’s highly customisable motor traders insurance fills this vital function.

Directors And Officers

The ever-increasing demand for compliance with strict corporate governance codes drives the need for a high degree of awareness at board level, when it comes to D&O cover.

As a director or officer of a company, you assume an elevated burden of responsibility in the performance of your fiduciary duties. Failure to act in accordance with these elevated standards of care can expose you to personal liability.

Office Contents

Office contents insurance guards the everyday operational assets at your place of business – from stationery and staff personal effects (up to R2 500 per person) to furniture and loss of rent.

Electronic Equipment

All it takes is a power outage to highlight how dependent 21st Century business is on electronic equipment.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance is vital for any company – protecting you and your employees in the event that you’re found legally responsible for third party property damage or bodily injury caused during the course of business.

Employers Liability

Whether they stem from human error or a twist of fate, accidents at the workplace happen. Employers’ liability insurance provides a pay-out in the event that one of your own staff is hurt or incapacitated while on the job.
Sasria is an add-on product that protects every asset owner in South Africa against civil commotion, public disorders, riots, strikes and terrorism.

Engineering & Construction


Fidelity Guarantees


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides you with cover against travel risks such as medical emergencies, cancellation, curtailment, luggage loss, accidental death and disablement and personal liability, allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey with complete peace of mind. Whilst you pay for your insurance in a local currency any medical expenses will be covered in foreign currency.

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