Business All Risk

Business All Risk

As an all risk insurance company, our cover is broken into two sections:

Unspecified all risk: Clothing and personal belongings that you and your family wear or carry around on you when you leave the house. Under Unspecified All Risks, there is a per item limit of 25% of the elected sum insured.

Specified all risk: Items belonging to you, named and valued separately in your schedule.

These items include:

  • Laptops, tablets or any handheld electronic device
  • Cellphones
  • Spectacles and sunglasses
  • MP3 players, iPods
  • Cameras or any photographic equipment
  • Jewellery items including watches
  • Equipment worn and/or used during sporting activities
  • Baby equipment such as prams or children’s car seats
  • Bicycles
  • GPS devices
  • Firearms
  • Vehicle sound equipment, CDs, DVDs
  • Other specified items.

Please note that we do also offer standalone bicycle insurance. Learn more about our policy here.

We also offer a high net worth policy which requires higher sums to be insured but provides much broader cover. Learn more about our Platinum Plan Policy here.


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