Public Liability

Public Liability

Public liability insurance is vital for any company – protecting you and your employees in the event that you’re found legally responsible for third party property damage or bodily injury caused during the course of business.

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Public liability insurance covers you for damages which you become legally liable to pay to a claimant if you have been proven negligent in regards to the following:

  • accidental death of, or bodily injury to, or illness of any person
  • accidental loss of, or physical damage to, tangible property

Please note, the cover does not extend to your own goods, property or employees – click here for Employers’ Liability.

Some advisable public liability policy extensions include:

Product liability: This extension covers amounts that you become liable to pay because of damages, or injuries caused by goods or products sold or supplied by your company. The policy does not cover the cost of repair, alteration, recall or replacement of the goods or any products you sell or supply. If you export beyond the borders of South Africa, please call us to discuss further as specialised cover would be required.

Defective workmanship: This extension covers amounts that you become liable to pay due to damages or injuries caused to a third party by something you worked on, and where the damage was caused by a defect, error or omission made during such work. Please note that the item worked upon is not covered, only liability arising as a result of such work. This extension does not cover liability prior to the handing over of completed work.  Cover for “whilst worked up” is available in the market and will need to be discussed with your broker to ensure the policy selected is tailored for your specific need.

Work away: This extends your cover to other premises while you are conducting work related activities there, but does NOT include any contracting liabilities. Please discuss with your Compendium broker.

Other covers available are defective design, product recall and product guarantee.

Please note:

  • In respect of product liability and defective workmanship: The Consumer Protection Act affects ALL retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of goods. In terms of the Act the consumer does not have to prove negligence on your part.
  • Liability caused by advice or treatment of a professional nature is excluded.
  • Liability caused by the ownership, possession or use of vehicles and watercraft, is excluded.
  • Liability assumed by agreement is excluded, unless liability would have attached even without the agreement.

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