Understanding Accidental Damage Insurance


If you’re running a business, you’ll know that there are many things that you have to oversee and attend to. As a result of wearing many hats, some things seem to fall through the cracks, costing you more than you’d like it to. Although unforeseen circumstances do arise and things do happen, it’s important to know that your building is covered when they do. This is where accidental damage insurance comes in and it’s a must for all business owners.

What is it?

Accidental damage insurance acts as a safety net, covering the accidental physical loss of, or damage to property that is not covered in any other section of the policy. At Compendium we tailor make your policy to ensure you have the correct cover in place for when the unexpected happens.


It doesn’t replace other kinds of insurance policies

This is an important factor to take into consideration. Many people wrongfully assume that this type of cover overrides and replaces any existing ones that they might have. In actual fact, this kind of cover acts as a “top up” that safeguards you and your assets. This is useful because there could be a few unexpected happenings that occur that you might not be totally covered for. With a policy like this one, all areas of your risk will be theoretically insured, with the particulars of your respective policy applying when you submit a claim.

We can give you peace of mind

We understand that running a business is often a stressful and frantic experience. It’s why we strive to make the day-to-day processes a lot easier through our policies that give you less to worry about. If you’re interested in hearing more about our insurance policy that covers accidental damage to your property, please contact us and chat to a broker today: 087 724 9390.

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