Do You Need to Insure Your Bicycle?

Bicycle insurance might seem like another unnecessary expense, but could you afford to lose your bike? And if your bicycle was ever lost, damaged, or stolen, would you be able to cover the expense of a replacement that matched the standard of your previous bike?

You might think bicycle insurance is only important for professional cyclists, but if you own an expensive bicycle, mountain bike insurance could protect you from an expensive loss. Whether you’re a weekend cyclist, bicycle enthusiastic, or professional competitor, bike cover could come in very useful.

Compendium offers more than the average bicycle cover, too – amongst other benefits, bike cover will keep you protected wherever in the world you are, so if you’re tackling the Munda Biddi Trail in Australia, or the Cape Argus ride, you and your bike will be covered.

Compendium’s bicycle cover is fully comprehensive, too. Our policy will cover your bike when it’s in transit, and when it is in use, so you’ll never be left without protection. We know that accidents happen, especially when you’re racing around corners or navigating dirt tracks, so we’ll make sure you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket for cracked frames or dodgy derailleurs. Keeping your bike in tip-top condition means you’re less likely to suffer an accident too, proving that investing money can really pay off.

If you’re a professional cyclist you’ll be able to concentrate on the competition, knowing that Compendium has your back. Our bike insurance covers you during events and races. With our policy, your bike is protected, and so is your person. So if you take a nasty spill, we’ll help get you back in the saddle with our personal accident and all risk cover.

As a passionate cyclist, we’re sure you’ve upgraded your bike. If you’ve invested in expensive tyres or a snazzy new set of gearing, the loss or damage of your bicycle is going to hurt that little bit more. Don’t panic though, Compendium covers accessories and upgrades as well. All you need to do is make sure you give Compendium a full list of all your accessories and modifications, and if you splash out on something after you’ve taken out your policy, give us a call so we can update your coverage.

Compendium also offers extensive cover to your person, with our all-risks policy offering thorough and comprehensive cover, including medical evacuations and personal accidents. This means that if you’re hurt or injured in an isolated location, Compendium will cover the cost of your rescue, and contribute towards the medical bills. And remember, you’re covered anywhere in the world, so if you have an accident in the Alps or the Rockies, you’ll still be protected.

Included in our bicycle policy are personal liability cover and legal costs. So if your accident involves other people, or their property, Compendium will help you to avoid a lengthy and expensive legal battle. Nobody wants to think of injuring somebody else, but competitive races can often become a battle between many cyclists, making crashes unavoidable. Put your mind at rest and keep yourself and others safe with our extended mountain bike cover, which comes as standard with Compendium, unlike many other insurers.

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