A Beginner’s Guide To Owning A Motorbike

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably given in and bought your first motorbike. Of course, congratulations are in order but now that you’ve taken the plunge, there are a few more things that you need. From bike insurance to the necessary safety gear, here’s our guide to owning a motorbike.

Start with the right insurance

Now that you’ve bought a motorbike a good bike insurance policy is a must. Not only will you be compensated should your bike be stolen or damaged, it will also give you peace of mind so that you can ride without worry. At Compendium, we offer three types of bike cover: Third Party Fire and Theft, Comprehensive Cover, and Third Party Only.

Whilst the kind you choose will be linked to your budget, we do recommend that you opt for as much cover as possible. This is because your bike is a valuable asset that needs to be insured to prevent financial losses. To find out about the types of cover that we offer and which one would best suit you, please click here.

Don’t skimp on your safety gear

In case you weren’t aware, your safety is just as great an investment as your bike itself. This means that you should have the necessary measures in place before you go out riding. For starters, you need a sturdy helmet. Not only is this a legal prerequisite, but it protects you from head injuries should you fall off your bike. The visor on your helmet will also keep bugs at bay. Gloves are also vital because it’s a natural instinct to put your hands out when you fall. Leather gloves are a great investment, as they tend to wear much slower. A good leather jacket is advised as well, to protect you from the elements whilst you are out riding. Many motorbike enthusiasts also insist on proper riding boots that offer substantial ankle coverage as well as foot protection.

Don’t ignore those rattles

Whether your bike is new or pre-loved, any noises or shudders should always be immediately attended to. We all know of someone who has had a bad motorbike accident or even worse, lost their lives to one. For this reason, it’s simply not worth the risk to ignore anything out of the ordinary when riding your bike. Much like a car, continuing to use your bike when there’s a small amount of damage will only add up to much greater damage later on. To reduce the unnecessary wear and tear, we recommend servicing your bike at regular intervals and getting it checked out whenever you suspect something might be wrong.

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If you’ve got all the right gear and the bike to match, it’s time to get the right policy. To find out a little more about what you need and how Compendium has a solution to suit your budget, requirements, and more – please contact us today on 087 724 9390.

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