The Importance of Caravan Insurance and It’s Coverage

Covering more than just the minimum, our Caravan Insurance Policy ensures you get the best cover possible, offering three types of insurance suited to your caravan needs

Planning your holiday comes with one less thing to worry about with our caravan insurance policy. In order to understand it, you must be sure of what it covers, and what the payout would be should you need to claim for damages. We insure vehicles at their retail value. In order to qualify for this insurance, you must own or lease the vehicle under financing or a higher-purchase agreement.

There are three types of coverage that we offer, and deciding on which one suits you best takes time to achieve. It is important to find the type that gives you peace of mind when travelling as well as maximum cover in the event of damages.

Third party only cover:

This cover will only pay out on costs incurred to another person and their property should the accident be a result of your actions. Although the most inexpensive form of cover, you aren’t protected as thoroughly when on the road.

Third party, fire and theft cover:

Offering protection that extends to other people, their vehicle and property, should you be at fault in the accident. It also covers you should your vehicle get stolen, incur damages as a result of a break-in or fire.

 Comprehensive cover:

This is the highest level of cover that a person can take. Not only does it cover third parties, it also covers any cost to your own property due to damages, theft or fire. Even if the accident is a result of your actions, comprehensive cover will still pay out. This provides an added level of protection while travelling.

Each type comes with its own pros and cons, with the third option being the most comprehensive option. When on the road, your insurance policy should be able to pay out in any situation. As unpredictable as travelling may be, getting a policy that covers you in every area, limits that uncertainty.

Cover would include any type of loss or damage to the caravan that is stated in the policy. You can either repair, replace, or pay out the cost of damage incurred. Another important factor to consider, is making sure you cover the contents of the caravan to ensure full safety and peace of mind, while on the road.

Enjoy life on the road with an insurance policy that puts your needs first. Here at Compendium Insurance Brokers, we can give you ultimate peace of mind and premium coverage. For more information, speak to one of our brokers and contact us on 087 724 9390, or request a quote via the button below.

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