Disability Cover: The Most Underrated Employee Benefit

Those on the market for a new job will know the importance of employee benefits as part of their remuneration package. Whilst many become fixated on leave days, bonuses, and even car allowances, disability cover is far more important.

At Compendium, we understand just how vital disability cover can prove to be. Those who have it have been able to claim and maintain normal lives long after their accidents have left them impaired. On the flip side of that coin, we’ve also witnessed those who don’t have it struggle as the result of poor planning. Here are a few things to know about it.

Everyone Should Have It

One of the most common misconceptions about disability assurance is that it’s only for older people or those who work in risky professions. This is totally false. Whether you’re young, middle-aged or working behind a desk or in a mine, you need a policy that makes provisions for accidents either at work or wherever you are.

Tragedies Happen

It should come as no surprise that random incidents can happen at any time. With this in mind, it pays to be prepared. Disability assurance serves to act as a safety net in the wake of such terrible accidents. So whether it happens on the job or even on a holiday with your loved ones, you won’t be left facing an uphill battle. It’s this assistance that helps make life with a disability a lot more bearable.

It Helps You Maintain Your Standard of Living

If the unexpected does happen and you’re left with a disability that renders you unable to earn your income, how will you survive? It’s an important question that every person should ask himself or herself. This is especially true if you’ve got dependents to take care of. With disability assurance cover, you’ll be able to live comfortably without financial stress. Payments will be made to you based on the terms and conditions of your policy. Whether you opt for monthly payments, a single lump sum, or a combination of the two, you won’t have to sacrifice your income.

Pay Your Bills Without Worry

With any impairment that comes as the result of an injury, medical bills are usually a given. This means that tremendous financial strain is placed on the injured party as well as the family left to take care of them. There is also rent, utility bills, groceries, and even school fees for every household to consider. With the help of a disability policy, you could alleviate these worries simply by making sure you’re covered. This is a small price to pay monthly, when you take into consideration the greater benefits should you ever need to claim.

It Can Be Tailored To Suit Your Lifestyle

Much like any other policy offered by Compendium, our team of specialised brokers can alter disability assurance so that it is in line with your needs. Should you need extended cover to accommodate the cost of forced lifestyle changes that can be added to your policy with little hassle.

Peace of Mind Goes A Long Way

At Compendium, we understand that the thought of an uncertain future is one that is often the cause of much worry. It’s why our range of comprehensive assurance offerings helps cater to the side effects of unforeseen circumstances that could change your life forever. To make provisions for these, why not contact us today? 087 724 9390.

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