Why joining The 5am Club could change your life

Why joining The 5am Club could change your life

Life cover is an important part of living well. Having necessary policies in place like dread disease cover provide priceless peace of mind, lessening stress and empowering you to live without worry. Although policies alone are not enough, it’s the choices we make that influence our well being too. This is something that we should all be taking into consideration on a daily basis.

If you know who Robin Sharma is, you might have already heard of his book, “The 5am Club”. Whilst you might already have dread disease cover and income protection, you should still be looking to embrace habits that enrich your life for the better. One such way to change the way you live and the things you achieve is to wake up at 5am. In Sharma’s latest book, he suggests doing just that. Once you wake up, you should spend the first 20 minutes exercising, the second 20 minutes meditating and the third 20 minutes learning something of your choice.

Why should you spend your first hour of the day like this? To him, the answer is simple. This will allow you to make the rest of your day as productive as possible. Being an early bird is nothing new and there are a host of influential names who believe in it. This includes the late Steve Jobs and even president Cyril Ramaphosa. According to Sharma, doing this for 66 days will help you make the habit an automatic and lasting one.

Why joining The 5am Club could change your life

Another reason to embrace joining “The 5am Club” is that you feel more in control of your day. By choosing to wake up at this time and by achieving a certain amount of tasks within the first hour, you know that you have it in you to tackle anything else that the day has to throw at you. This sort of ownership over time in your day is empowering and will help you push yourself to get it all done.

Feeling prepared for each day is yet another by-product of waking up at 5 am. Essentially, you’re putting more time into your day, which lets you tackle each task with ample time. You’ll have more available moments to consider each day and its contents as well. By exercising and meditating before you’ve even gotten to work, you’ll feel less overwhelmed that you’re not going to have time to fit it all in.

With decreased stress leading to better mental and overall health, you’ll feel more positive and energetic towards work and your life in general. You might also find that it gives you more patience to deal with your employees, co-workers and even family demands. Some people have even claimed that they’ve experienced fewer sugar cravings. This could be linked to lower amounts of cortisol in the body once the stress has been reduced.

Why should you take the plunge? We say, why not. There’s nothing to lose from embracing a new habit that makes you calmer and more productive. In fact, there’s everything to gain, especially if you notice a difference in the way you approach your work and daily life. If you end up joining “The 5am Club” let us know what you think. We’d love to hear how it’s helped you.

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