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Affordable Medical Aid Tailored to Suit your Needs - CIG Insurance Brokers

How To Stop Smoking

With medical aid being one of the many products that we offer our clients, we take a real interest in improving their health. This means sharing information that can help them live healthier happier lives.

It’s estimated that eight million people in South Africa smoke on a regular basis. Smoking tobacco poses a threat to those who smoke and those who inhale second-hand smoke. With the complications of the habit including some pretty scary diseases like cancer and emphysema, it’s certainly not worth the risk. Sure, having medical aid will help if you’re ever diagnosed but prevention will always be better than cure. Why rely on medical aid options when you can live a healthier lifestyle?

If you’re a smoker, it’s not too late to stop. In fact, you might find that there are a host of benefits that come with kicking the habit. In quitting, you’ll save around R1000 a month if you’re smoking 20 cigarettes a day. You’ll get your taste buds back and have more energy. On the appearance side of things, you’ll enjoy whiter teeth and younger-looking skin. As far as your health is concerned, you’ll dramatically reduce your risk of strokes, heart attacks and cancer.

It’s time to stop

The first step is knowing that you need to stop smoking. Whilst it won’t be an easy task, it’s worth it for the extra time you’ll get with your family. Here are a few tips to help you successfully quit smoking. Affordable Medical Aid Tailored to Suit your Needs - CIG Insurance Brokers

1) Pick your reasons

When you know why you’re doing it, you’re more likely to stick it out. We suggest writing down a list of reasons why you’re quitting. “I want to be healthy”, “I want to live longer”, “My family need me”, “I want to live without addiction”, “I want to save money”. These are just some of the justifications and you might have a few more of your own to add.

2) Choose a date

Give yourself a deadline of when you are going to quit smoking. This will hold you accountable. By putting down the date, you will know how much time you have to put a plan of action together.

3) Avoid those triggers

Now it’s time to rid your home and lifestyle of unnecessary temptations. This might include certain places and certain people. Giving up smoking is hard and you’ll need to find people who support you. Perhaps a change of routine is in order. Try to identify situations in which you are tempted to smoke. Then, replace the cigarette with something else. For example, if you find you’re most likely to smoke after a meal, we suggest washing the dishes instead. This will provide a distraction until the craving passes.

4) Water is key

For the first few weeks, you’ll need a lot of water. This will flush out the nicotine that you’ve been putting into your body. Ice water also helps to distract you when you feel like you need to smoke. The coldness is a sensation that tricks the brain into forgetting that you were craving a cigarette. Try it! The water will also help you stave off the weight gain that often accompanies quitting smoking.

5) Get moving

Smoking impacts your lungs which is why you might have felt pretty unfit over the past few years. When you quit, you should put those lungs to good use by exercising. This will also give your lungs a work too. Plus, exercise is a healthy habit to replace the cigarettes with!

Let us keep you healthy

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