The Differences Between Building Insurance and Household Insurance

It’s a common misconception that household and building insurance are the same thing. Although you’d be excused for assuming this, it’s not advisable to skip getting a building combined insurance policy! If you feel like you need to learn the differences between building and household insurance policies, look no further than below! Building Insurance from

10 Facts About Building Insurance

The construction industry is a highly specialised one, full of its own sets of risks and hazards. That’s why we have a unique and specially developed construction insurance to ensure comprehensive cover. This will protect you against damage to or loss of a building during construction. Here are 10 simple, easy-to- understand facts about construction insurance:

The Difference Between Building Insurance and Household Content Insurance

The Difference Between Building Insurance and Household Content Insurance

Many homeowners fall into the trap of thinking that in the event of a natural disaster or theft their building insurance covers the loss or damage of personal belongings inside their home. Truth is, this isn’t the case unless it’s packaged with household content insurance. Let’s discuss the difference between building and content insurance and the importance of having both.

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