Key Person Insurance: How It Works

Whether it’s a great leader, a CEO, or an HR director, every business has a few employees that they just can’t afford to lose. For many companies, losing a vital member of staff means financial losses and dips in productivity. But did you know that Key Person Insurance is a type of cover that prevents

Understanding Key Person Insurance

Running a business comes with several different sources of stress. From managing finances to training staff, there are often a few surprises along the way. The loss or incapacitation of employees central to the success of your business is never pleasant. In addition to the emotional strain, there’s a large amount of financial pressure that

What Is The Purpose of Key Person Insurance?

What Is The Purpose of Key Person Insurance

As every employer knows, your valued employees are a large part of your business. Not only do they perform pivotal roles within your company, but they also keep everyone else motivated and on the ball. But what would happen if you had to lose any of your main profit generators? Would you be covered against

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