Understanding All Risk Insurance

Understanding All Risk Insurance

Risk is a part of our everyday lives. We’re used to taking small risks all the time. Just not when it comes to our valuables. With Compendium Insurance Brokers though, your most valued goods can be completely covered. Understanding All Risk Insurance

Before we delve deeper into that though, we admit that insurance terminology can be confusing at the best of times. Let’s make sense of what All Risk Insurance actually means. Specified items are covered whilst in your home as well as outside your home. And it applies worldwide.

At Compendium, our All Risk Insurance policy has been divided into two categories. The first is called ‘Unspecified All Risk’. These are items that you wear or carry around with you every day when leaving your home. For example, these could be clothing or personal belongings. Please note that in this category, a maximum of 25% of the total insured value of each item will be paid out.

The second category is called ‘Specified All Risk’, which generally means valuable items that you’ve specifically insured, valued and named. These items can include anything from cell phones, laptops and iPods to baby equipment, firearms and sunglasses. For a more extensive list of all items that fall under this category, please visit our website www.cig.co.za.

If you want to specifically insure your bicycle, Compendium offers a special policy called Pedal Power. This is because at Compendium bikes are a big deal and covering them is a high priority. You can learn more about Pedal Power on our website.

Compendium also offers a Platinum Plan policy for premium clients. If you’re looking to insure higher values with broader all risk insurance, our Platinum Plan is the policy you should consider.

If you’re interested in getting risk insurance that covers all your needs, please contact your nearest Compendium broker on031 242 6800. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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