Government Investment in Tourism Sparks Interest in Marine Insurance

Government Investment in Tourism Sparks Interest in Marine Insurance

South Africa’s coastline stretches over 3000km. It represents an untapped R110 billion worth of revenue, according to the Department of Tourism.

Working with the private sector, government as well SAMSA unveiled plans to develop resorts and facilities to cater to the tens-of-thousands of locals who could be flocking to the beaches. There is a strategy in place to increase participation in leisure activities and holidays around the country’s coastline, dams and lakes.

Government Investment in Tourism Sparks Interest in Marine Insurance

If your business revolves around the open water, marine insurance is essential. Operating a sightseeing tour, deep sea fishing, jet-ski hire, diving or yachting charter you’ll need cover.

You need specialised insurance to cover your vessel. Like Hull Insurance and Machinery Breakdown Insurance as part of your Marine Insurance policy. Watercraft Insurance may well be all you need if you’re a smaller operator. Regardless, a vessel of any size is costly to repair. Without insurance that is bad enough, but if you lose your whole vessel, you could lose your whole business. We offer Total-Loss Insurance for such circumstances.

Not only that, our Marine Insurance will cover you for much more. Our Liability cover, which is included, will protect you financially if you’re sued by someone due to illness, injury or death. It doesn’t negate your responsibility, but it will help with legal costs.
We represent all major South African marine insurers as well as big international players like, Lloyds of London.

Like all our policies, Marine Insurance is completely customisable to better suit your circumstances and your needs. We’ll even cover you in event of something happening when you’re transporting your vessel overland or when your vessel is in storage.
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