Disability Cover: The Most Underrated Employee Benefit

Those on the market for a new job will know the importance of employee benefits as part of their remuneration package. Whilst many become fixated on leave days, bonuses, and even car allowances, disability cover is far more important. At Compendium, we understand just how vital disability cover can prove to be. Those who have it have

Benefits of Disability Insurance

As we go about our daily lives, we cannot plan for the unforeseen. Accidents and illnesses can happen, at any time, to anyone, so it is important to have disability insurance that safeguards you against the unpredictable. Disability insurance is a necessity, particularly if you have loved ones and a family who depend on you. If

What Types of Disability Insurance Are There?

With so many different insurance options out there, it can be difficult to choose the right policies for you and your family. Disability insurance is one of those covers that people often dismiss, wrongly assuming that their life insurance or dread disease insurance will provide the same level of protection. In actuality, if you are a provider

The Truth About Why Disability Cover Is So Important

The Truth About Why Disability Cover Is So Important

The job market has always been a competitive place – for both employer and employee. It’s one of the reasons why companies are offering more and more employee benefits. One that’s being offered more frequently is disability insurance. It’s one of the best types of cover you, as an employee could take out. However, it’s a

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